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$2000 OFF the initiation fee when you join NOW, for a limited time!

Introducing Suntex Boat Club at Port of Kimberling Marina, located at Table Rock Lake’s very own What’s Up Dock. Embark on a journey of endless aquatic activities while having access to an entire fleet of top-of-the-line boats! Suntex Boat Club is the perfect match for those who love being on the water and don’t want the additional commitment of boat ownership.

You’ll never pay a slip fee with Suntex Boat Club. Plus, there’s no cleaning, no maintenance, and no upkeep – just pure boating on your time. When you join, you’ll setup an online account where you can reserve your boat ahead of time and request your favorite water toys. Our top-notch dockhands ensure your boat is ready before you arrive, so all you have to do is step on, and go! Returning to the marina is just as easy – our team will help you unload and we’ll charge your account for fuel used – so you can get on with our day with minimal waiting times!

Amenities Include:

  • Boat Club Team Dedicated to Customer Service
  • Private Showers
  • Ship’s Store
  • Fuel
  • On-Site RV and Tent Campgrounds
  • On-Site Hotel and Cabins
  • Pets Welcome



Hurricane Sundeck 235OB

  • Length: 23 FT
  • Capacity: 12 Passengers
  • 200 HP

Aloha 23 Paradise Sport

  • Length: 23 FT
  • Capacity: 10 Passengers
  • Motor: 200 HP

MasterCraft NXT23

  • Length: 22 FT
  • Capacity: 10 Passengers
  • 5.7 Liter Motor

If you can see yourself out on the water enjoying a ride on one of these boats, reach out to Port of Kimberling Marina's Circle of Boating Manager now for more information.

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Access to all Suntex Boat Club Locations and 25% discount off Suntex Rental Locations.

10% off Suntex Houseboat Vacation Rentals (excludes third-party rentals)

Refer a friend and get credit towards your monthly dues

No unexpected maintenance or cleaning!

Access to all Boat Club boats

Boat safety training provided

As a Boat Club member, you become a part of the Marina family and get to experience the full boating lifestyle.

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What happens if we want to cancel our membership early?

There is a $1,500 early termination fee.

What are your boundaries for boating?

Boundaries determined by Marina. Within acceptable limits of the marina.
No distance limits, just remaining 200 ft. away from shore.

Do I need to pay for fuel?

Yes, the boat is full when you go out, and you pay for what you use upon return.

Are there any other costs at your location?

You are responsible for the fuel you use during your rental.

Is there insurance on the boat?

Yes, Suntex insures the boats for damage, members are required to pay up to a
$5,000 deductible. Regarding liability insurance for other incidents and coverage,
you may pursue that type of insurance with an outside company on your own.

Do I get to have anyone on a membership with me?

Yes, one immediate family member for single memberships. Shared memberships have four persons on the agreement (two families with one primary member and one secondary member being their immediate family member). Corporate Memberships may have up to 6 individuals of your choice on the agreement.

Why should I join Suntex Boat Club?

We provide top brands of boats that are new and well maintained. We are a full-
service marina company that owns the marinas and offer a quality product and

experience. Our trained professionals provide excellent service and responsiveness.

Does your location offer seasonal memberships?

No. 12 month consecutive memberships only.

Number of reservations at any time:

Three for single memberships, four for shared memberships, five for corporate

When can I book another reservation once I have used my maximum?

The very next morning after the day you have used one of your current maximum
allotment listed above. Example: for a single membership, once you have booked

three reservations, you can book another the next morning after you have used one
of the three in the system.

What benefits do you offer?

25% Off rentals at any Suntex Location
10% off Suntex Houseboat Vacation Rentals (excludes third-party rentals)

10% Discount on store merchandise

5 free bags of ice

Free parking

What other amenities are available at your location?

Full-service restaurant, hotel, campground, third-party houseboat rentals, ship’s
store, and watersports store.

Do you provide safety training?

Yes, we provide a one-to-two-hour safety orientation. If you require additional
training, Suntex can set that up for you. Varies by location and time of the year.

Are pets allowed on your boats?

Yes, Pets are allowed on all boats except wake surf boats.

Do your boats have depth finders and/or GPS?

All boats come equipped with depth finders. A complementary lake map is
provided for each visit.

Are water toys included in the price of membership?

They sure are! Use the notes section of your reservation booking to tell us what you’d like. We’ll make sure it’s on the boat and ready to go before you arrive!

What are the hours of boating at your location?

3/15 – 4/30: 9am – 5pm
5/1 – 5/25: 8am – 6pm

5/26 – 8/13: 8am – 8pm

8/14 – 9/4: 8am – 7pm

9/5 – 9/30: 8am – 6pm

10/1 – 11/15: 9am – 5pm

Do I need a boating license for your location?

Yes, anybody born on or after January 1, 1984 will need a NASBLA certified Boating Safety License as well as a valid Driver’s License.

How old are your boats?

2023 or newer.

Will Suntex be expanding locations?

Yes. We continue to add new marinas and boat club locations each year.

How far in advance do I NEED to make reservation?

Weekdays: 1-2 days in advance
Weekends: 1 week in advance

Holiday Weekends: 2 weeks in advance

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, you can cancel online. On the day of, you must call into the marina to cancel.
Marina phone number:
(417) 233-0202

Are there any discounts available?

Yes, final month of the first year dues free for veterans, active duty, and first
responders with proof of service (example DD-214 for military, badge for first

responders). For members, there are referral credits on dues when you successfully
refer a new member to the club.

Does Suntex own the marinas?

Yes. We own all the marinas where our boat clubs are located.

Welcome to Your Place in the Sun!

Suntex Boat Club

Suntex Boat Club is your affordable gateway to the Boating Lifestyle.
Join our Club and get unlimited access to our top-of-the-line fleet.

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