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 Raving fans of Suntex Boat Club say …

“We recently purchased a weekend place. It was meant to be a relaxing get away and a time for my husband to unwind from his busy career. However, he was still spending his weekend working in his laptop. I bought him a membership to the club as well as a wave runner package. He hates to waste money so of course he decided to utilize the membership. Let me say that when he comes back from a wave runner outing or boat morning, his smile is SO BIG. What a relaxing way to get away from it all without the stress of boat upkeep, maintenance, and cleaning. It is a simple turnkey program that lets you enjoy just the good part and avoid the bad.”

“My dad and I joined  and share a membership. He used to own a boat and we were looking into buying one together. He really wanted a pontoon; I wanted a ski boat. With our membership, we can have both! Since I’m a teacher, the club really works great for me since I have more free time in the summer. The biggest advantage for us is the variety of boats as well as the great service. I have a friend who owns his own boat and he’d rather come out on the lake with us. It’s more convenient. We all really enjoy being members.”
C. Jensen

“We went to the boat show  and got sticker shock. Instead we signed up with the club. The convenience sold us. We walk up, they toss us the keys and when we’re done, we toss them back and are on our way. The kids learned to ski and went tubing and when the water’s too cool, we take out a pontoon. We’re out there at least twice a week—which is more often than my friends who own their own boats. It’s great for entertaining, too, and a fun way to spend the summer.”
P. Dunn

“Years ago, I owned a sailboat and a couple of ski boats. It’s a lot of work. I’d been looking for a good way to get back on the lake—either buying a boat or getting together with friends to own one together. But I learned from owning before, you’re either cleaning your boat or fixing it. With the boat club, you just email them your request and show up. The kids are good at bringing the stuff down and we have fun either entertaining or just heading out to a party cove listen to the loud music. I tell my friends I have five different boats. It’s the perfect set up. They’re very particular about their boats. They clean them up. We just carry our bag of trash off. For us, it’s perfect. I’d give it double paddles up!”
M. Baird

“We joined after reading about the club in a chamber newsletter.  We’ve never owned a boat and it’s nice to have access to boats without the maintenance, upkeep and expense. Boating allowed us to spend a lot of family time with our two children, ages two and eight. They loved it. We’ve been able to get a boat pretty much whenever we want it. The boats are very clean, and service has been great. The convenience is so nice.”
J. Jordan

“I grew up at the lake. My dad had a boat and I kept telling my brother that I needed to buy a boat and he discouraged me from doing to. The Boat Club has turned out to be a great fit. It’s exactly what I needed. As a single mom with two kids, ages 10 and 12, it’s a perfect way to get back on the water without having to deal with all the yucky stuff. Yesterday we were out on a pontoon. When the kids want to ski or tube, we’ll take out a ski boat. We do it all. Everyone is so cordial and eager to help. They couldn’t be nicer. Once the summer hits, we’re out there at least three times a week, but there’s no reason for me to buy my own boat. It works really well for our busy schedule. I couldn’t be happier.”
J. Scoggins

It is hard for me to believe that it has been less than two months since we joined the club. In that short time we have evolved from folks who liked the idea of going to the lake (but never did) to a family that is on the lake every week, sometimes twice. I’m not being overly dramatic or exaggerating when I say that this Boat Club has changed our family in ways that none of us could have imagined two short months ago. The last time we took our daughter out before she headed back to [college] for her senior year she said that her time at the lake had “changed her outlook on life.” Last weekend our grown son told us that for him and his fiancé we had “made their summer” thanks to the time they spent out on the boat with us. [My wife] and I are closer than we have ever been, in no small part due to the time we spend together on Friday afternoons when we “sneak away” from work and the kids to spend time together on the lake. Something we rarely took the time to do before joining the club.
Boat Club Member

“We considered buying a boat (I grew up with a family boat) but chose not to make the investment and deal with the heartache of maintenance. Our friends had recently joined the club and told us all about it. We eagerly jumped at the opportunity! Our family loves this club for various reasons: I love it because of the great quality time we spend together as a family on the boat. My husband loves it because of the affordability and freedom from maintenance hassles and costs. My kids love tubing with friends and celebrating birthdays and special occasions on the lake. (They also love “shopping” for a boat on the reservation system.) Even though we value the different benefits for different reasons, the bottom line is we all love this club—the convenience and ease of use, superior customer service and boats (and sound systems). We plan to be long-time members!”
L. Hurst

“We LOVE the  Boat Club! Their professional staff is as cool as their boat lineup. Whether we’re out wakeboarding or taking the kids out to fish, the club makes everything so simple. In less than 10 minutes we can be on the lake.  As long as the boat club is around the corner, I’m never going to buy a boat”.
W. Englebrecht

“I’ve had my boat since 1999 and had been at a boat show, looking for a new one.   After I looked at the Club’s  pricing, I couldn’t justify buying a new boat. Because I keep my boat on a trailer, my wife and kids could only go if I went. Now, with  Boat Club, she’ll take a pontoon out with her friends and the kids without me. It’s worked out great for us …  We love it enough that I’m selling my boat!”
C. Hill

“My husband and I came out with our good friends who were club members and liked it so much, we decided to join.   We loved, loved, loved it. We went just about every weekend. If we weren’t out of town, we were at the lake. I liked the ease of it—show up, everything’s ready and don’t worry about loading up. If we knew we’re going to have a large group of people, we’d get a pontoon. If we wanted to take a few out, we’d take a ski boat or wake boarding boat. The variety is the great thing about it.”
S. DeLoach

“I used to own a boat and missed having one. Since joining the club in March, I’ve already been out about 10 times. I love the big selection of nice boats and their great customer service. I was initially skeptical about how often I’d be able to get out with the boat I wanted, but they know what they’re doing. They have the ratio of boats-to-members worked out well.”
D. Stover

“We just joined and have already used it six times. It’s super easy and the people couldn’t be nicer. As soon as we drive up, the boat is ready to go with all the water toys we requested. Our two children, ages eight and nine, enjoy tubing and knee-boarding. Every time we go out, the staff has offered to help us with learning how to use them. We couldn’t ask for better customer service. We’ve taken friends with us and they’ve been amazed at how nice the boats are—clean, gassed and ready to go.”
T. Walters

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